Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

For those who subscribe to this website we, the Mas Despacio Website and all people associated with it:

  • agrees to only use your email address:
    • Only if you specifically ask for periodic updates, or
    • To send you a reminder two weeks before your subscription expires.
  • Agrees to allow no advertising of any sort at any time.
  • Agree not to:
    • Sell, lend, rent, or in any other way divulge your email address, IP address, or any other personal information, to ANY other entity, be it human, business, or otherwise, without your specific written consent.

This agreement shall continue in perpetuity or as long as this website exists, whichever is longer.

Ok, now the three exceptions:

  1. I need to find out which advertising is working best. So, I will be using google analytics to do this. They may choose to do things that are completely out of my control. But I will only be looking for general information. How many came from where? What percentage purchased? Things of this nature. Google’s terms and conditions are found here: http://www.google.com/analytics.
  2. I need to use a credit card processing company to make that part of the process as secure as possible. So, I will be using Stripe to process all financial data. They came up third out of the top 10 in a google search. Anyway, I can’t control what they’re going to do with the data they harvest. Their terms and conditions are found here: Stripe Services Agreement – United States.
  3. I don’t anticipate changing the terms and conditions of this website. But I must reserve the right to do so. Hey, Google may decide to get out of the analytics game, or Stripe may get sold. “Anything can happen, it’s a crazy world.” But I will post a clear message on the banner page for at least a month if the terms and conditions have any significant changes.  

By subscribing to this website, the subscriber agrees to the following:

  1. To use this information only for their own personal use. Personal use proscribes in any way duplicating any information found on the Mas Despacio website for use in any other public dissemination.
    • Public dissemination includes emails, printed material, other websites, podcasts, videos, and / or any other electronic recording device(s) accessible outside one’s immediate family.
    • Personal use is defined as dissemination to only within one’s immediate family which is defined as: parents, grandparents, children, spouses, and grandchildren.
  2. Subscribers will be allowed to post comments on the Reviews page provided they limit their reviews to the following conditions:
    • There will be a maximum limit of 500 words.
    • Vulgarity will not be allowed, expressly or implied. Vulgarity is defined as anything the website owners consider vulgar. The following examples show the editorial latitudes that will be considered perfectly acceptable as reviews:
      • “The writer is of questionable heritage and intelligence…”
      • “Obviously the writer has worked too closely and too long around strong chemicals…“
      • “Having been dropped as a child, the writer has shown unparalleled, exceptional, and appalling ignorance, apathy, and wanton disregard for…”
      • “If his breath is as bad as his writing, then it is likely he is as friendless as he is verbose.”
      • “If his brain or his heart were a tennis ball, I would gladly launch either onto a target practice shooting range on the 4th of July.”
      • “To say he is dumber than a stump is a grave injustice to the intelligence of all stumps.”

Refund Policy

Because much of the information can be downloaded in an hour or so, and because renewals are manual, not automatic, and because the financial clearing house does not refund their costs to the website, all sales for subscriptions to this website will be final.