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Thank you for considering a subscription to this website. As you may have noticed we are still hoping to provide videos, audio versions of the main text, as well as regular podcasts. Regular updates of the product cost data is also part of the website’s value and so is expected to continue.

Please be sure and look at all the various spreadsheets that show the prices of a wide range of products, from undeveloped land, to fishing rods and Ground Beef. Besides my own 250 pages of opinions and observations, I’m hoping to give the prospective Expat an idea of what it really costs to live here. The listed websites in the MasDespacio section itself, of many of the larger retailers here, give the reader the ability to investigate for themselves whether a specific product is sold here, and for how much.

With all this information, I hope the reader will feel that for the cost of one dinner at an airport restaurant (after tip and tax), that this was well worth the investment. If I can wave off those who were never going to be comfortable here, and help those that will be to ease in more smoothly, then the object of this website will be met.

Thank you again for your consideration. Here are some samples of the pages that await you.